Let people know you’re on NeedToCharge

Gone are the days of leaving your phone number on your dash to ask them to call you if they need to charge. Just print out this PDF, and you can cut out an insert for your tax-disc holder to let people know they can send you a charge request.

If you sign in, you’ll be able to download print-outs with QR codes specific to your car! Then all people need to do is scan the QR code to send a Charge Request.


Let people know they should be on NeedToCharge

What happens when you arrive at an occupied charger, and the other driver doesn’t know about NeedToCharge? Well luckily the PDFs above contains a few handy cut outs to leave on people’s windscreens so they’ll know for next time.

Spread the word at your local charger

The best way to encourage friendly charging is by leaving a note on your charger telling people about NeedToCharge. Simply print out this PDF and stick it to the charge point. That way, people who plan to leave their vehicle on charger while they pop to the shops will see the note and sign up.

Please ensure you have the permission of the charger/land owner to do this. While we hope all charging providers want to encourage good EV etiquette, it’s best to check.